The only VacPac that includes SOP & CCP e-logs, records pH levels, prints labels, includes a HACCP plan and takes the product temperature.

MV 52DV VacSmart™ - Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer with HACCP Plan
MV 52DV VacSmart™ - Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer with HACCP Plan
MV 52DV VacSmart™ - Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer with HACCP Plan
MV 52DV VacSmart™ - Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer with HACCP Plan

MV 52DV VacSmart™ - Dual-Chamber Vacuum Sealer with HACCP Plan

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eLogging of SOPs & CCPs

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  • Two Seamless Stainless Steel Chambers: 20" x 21" each
  • Height: 5" Chamber + 2.25" Lid = 7.25"
  • Both Chamber can be operated simultaneously
  • Quick-Release Seal Bars @ 21" Length
  • Transparent Lid for Operator Viewing
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Shatterproof Lid Hinge Design
  • Full-color sealed 5" LCD Touch Display
  • Ethernet, USB (2x), and Thermocouple (2x) Connectivity
  • TruVac™ Sensors for Hold + Vacuum Pulse Infusion
  • Flippin' Tray for Unique Food Shapes, Sizes & Liquids


  • 6 Vacuum Preset Keys
  • 24+ Food Groups with Icons
  • 100+ Products per Food Group
  • Manager & Operator Passcodes
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • Selectable Vacuum Display in mbar or %
  • Vacuum Pulsing for Instant Marination
  • Vacuum Hold for Infusion and Flash Pickling
  • SofAir™ Fragile Food Protection with Sensor-controlled Air Return
  • Freestyle Mode for Experimenting
  • Cold Room Oil Warming Program
  • HACCP Plan included at


  • Interactive Food Safety Logs
    • Say goodbye to logging by hand: VacSmart logs your SOPs and CCPs directly at the machine (fully customizable)

  • E-data Reporting with PDF-File Download
    • Operator, Product, Date/Time, Batch Number
    • County of Origin, Supplier Information, pH Level, Temperature
    • Immediate Corrective Action Entry at Vacuum Machine

  • Sanitation Alerts
    • Food Type Change (i.e. Beef - Fish - Beef)
    • 4-Hour Operation Sanitation Prompt
    • Air Dry Sanitation Instructions

  • Sous Vide Temperature Log with PDF-File Download
    • Product, °F or °C, Interval, High Alarm, Low Alarm

  • Programmable Label Printer (optional)
    • Product Name, Packed Date and Use-By-Date
    • Ingredients, Product Handling Message, Operator Name
    • Sequential Number, Address, etc.


  • ETL Electrical approved
  • ETL Sanitation approved (NSF Standard)


  • 40 m³/h Busch® Rotary Vane Oil Vacuum Pump Busch®
  • 208 Volt, 50-60 Hz, 3-Phase
  • 18 Amps


  • 220 Volt, 50-60 Hz, Single Phase, 16 Amps, 40 m³/h Busch®
  • Inert Gas Kit - N2/CO2/AR Injection (12 Nozzles)
  • Round Seal for Liquids + Excess Bag Trimmer


  • Width: 51" (1296 mm)
  • Length: 31" (785 mm)
  • Height (Lid Closed): 38.75" (985 mm)
  • Height (Lid Open): 50.5" (1280 mm)
  • Working Height: 36.25" (920 mm)


  • Shipping Dimensions: 37" x 62" x 53"H (940 x 1575 x 1345 mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 692 lbs (314 kg)


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Label Printer

Cooking Temperature Probe

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